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Sponsorship Intro

Brian Dixon is a professional golfer who is interested in playing professional senior golf tournaments from time to time. The Company is owned and operated by Mr. Dixon. The Company desires sponsorship funds from Mr. Dixon’s family, friends, golf students, and other contacts to enable the Company to pay for the typical expenses associated with playing such golf tournaments. You are interested and willing to provide the Company with such sponsorship funds for the primary purpose of trying to help Mr. Dixon become successful in playing the professional senior golf tournaments, and for the secondary purpose of possibly deriving the potential benefits set forth in this Agreement.


To raise capital to try and make the PGA Tour Champions. The capital raised will be used for expenses for all golf tournaments. These include Georgia PGA , PGATour Champions and any other tournaments I enter. The capital will be used to go to PGA Tour Champions qualifying school this year along with the Georgia PGA tournament schedule.

Next year it will be used for qualifying for PGA Tour Champions tournaments and Georgia PGA and Senior tournaments. There will be 300 shares sold for $500 each. You can purchase as many shares as you like.

Sponsorship Levels


Par – $500

* 2 Golf Lessons w/Video

Birdie– $1500

* 4 Golf Lessons w/Video
* 1 Round of Golf
(@ an exclusive Atlanta course)

Eagle – $2500

* 4 Golf Lessons w/Video
* 2 Hour Corporate Clinic
* 1 Rnd of Golf w/ 2 guests
(@ an exclusive Atlanta course)

Hole In One – $5000

* 4 Golf Lessons w/Video
* 2 Hour Corporate Clinic
* 1 Rnd of Golf w/ 3 guests
(@ an exclusive Atlanta course)

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“Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.” – Arnold Palmer

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